The Pantone Plastics Colour System allows designers, manufacturers and suppliers who work with plastics to select, specify, control and manufacture hundreds of colours by the use of opaque and transparent plastic colour chips.

Pantone Plastics Standard Chips are colour referenced by the prefix "PQ", followed by the Pantone reference number. For example PQ-314C for a colour from the Pantone Plus system, where as a textile colour chip would now be PQ-14-0760TPG.

Pantone Plastics Opaque or Transparent Selector Chips are referenced by prefixing the Pantone colour with either a "T" for transparent or "Q" for opaque, ie: Q-314 for an opaque chip for a colour from the Pantone Plus coulour range, or T-14-0760 for a Pantone Fashion, Home + Interions colour.

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