A range of Pantone colour management tools that enable you to control and communicate Pantone Colours with maximum accuracy.

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Pantone colour management tools

From the ColorMunki, an affordable monitor calibration device and the Pantone Capsure, a breakthrough in colour evaluation, to a range of Pantone Ink Mixing Scales that are a must for any print shop and offer you a range of tools that will enable you to control and communicate Pantone colours with maximum accuracy.

The Pantone Capsure will allow you to capture colour from virtually any material, fabric or surface and match it quickly and accurately to a Pantone colour reference.

The ColorMunki lets you select colours from any Pantone library or capture spot colours from just about any substrate or surface.

Pantone Formula Scales provide fast, accurate and reliable ink formulations in seconds. Mix your own Pantone formula colour inks, including Pastels and Metallics, in quantities up to 5kg.

Pantone 5 Light Booths look stylish in any studio or printshop and deliver reliable daylight, retail store and home lighting options that will help you adequately identify colour variations.

Pantone Colour Manager directly integrates values from all Pantone libraries including Pantone Solids Colours, Pantone Metallics and Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors.

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