Pantone Guides

Are my Pantone guides up to date?

The new Pantone Series contains 1845 colours. This is all of the original colours of the Pantone Matching System while adding a 112 new colours for greater design flexibility in 2016.

All of the original colours remain the same.

What are Pantone Solid Colours?

These are the 1,845 Pantone colours with a reference, here are a few examples of Pantone colours; PANTONE 185 C, PANTONE Blue 072 C, PANTONE Reflex Blue C, PANTONE 1375 U, PANTONE 2755 U, PANTONE 300 U They are mixed and used as individual colours. The number should be followed by either C (coated) or U (uncoated), depending on what surface the colour is printed onto.

How do you convert a Pantone Solid Colour to 4 colour Process of CMYK?

The Pantone Plus Color Bridge is the only guide that does this? It is available in Gloss Coated and Uncoated

Do Pantone colours vary?

Yes they vary depending on which type of paper or board they are printed onto. Pantone help this by selling the Formula Guides and Chips books on the two different stock, C (coated) and U (uncoated).

What are Pantone Metallic Colours?

These are two completely separate ranges of colours, Metallics and Premium Metallics. Only available on Gloss.

What are Pantone Pastel Colours?

This is a separate range of colours. Available on Gloss or Uncoated. An example of a Pantone Pastel reference is PANTONE 9280 C.

What is the best 'basic' guides for Pantone?

The best set, which will answer most basic questions about Pantone Matching System is the Pantone Portable Studio Guide (9 book set), or any of the component parts which are all sold separately.

What are Pantone Chips?

These are small tear-off sections of solid Pantone Colours, that you can physically send to a client to show the exact colour you are communicating about about, thus avoiding any inaccuracies.

Does the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM include any special colours?

The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM has 14 metallic and 14 fluorescent colours.

Pantone Goe

What is Pantone Goe?

Pantone Goe is a system of 2,058 colors. These are all new colours and are different to the Pantone Matching System which has been used for decades. Examples of Pantone Goe references are PANTONE 32-4-1 C PANTONE 124-1-2 C.

Does the PANTONE Goe System replace the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM or Pantone Plus?

No! The PANTONE Goe System will compliment and expand, not replace, the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. With 45 years of equity, the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM has been used to create thousands of brand identities. Therefore, we fully expect that the two systems will co-exist for the foreseeable future. Both systems will continue to be supported by Pantone and our industry partners.

What about special effect colours like metallic, pastel and fluorescent colours?

The Pantone Goe System Publications do not include any special effect colors.

Will Pantone provide a cross-reference of the numbers in the two systems?

No. The numbers are different and the inks are mixed from different bases; so even the colours that appear similar may differ slightly. However, when using the myPANTONE palettes software you can select a colour from the Color Wheel or plug in known RGB values. Then by switching back and forth between the Goe Library and the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM solid colour libraries you will see the "closest" colour in each library.

Pantone Fashion Home / Textile

What formats are the Pantone Fashion Home / Textile ranges produced onto?

The Fashion Home and/or Textile range are exactly the same products. Pantone market them as Fashion and Home but they are also known as Textiles. The colours are supplied either onto Paper or Cotton. They are the same colour whichever material they are produced onto but as they are designed for the Textile industry they are most accurately viewed on Cotton.

What are the Pantone Fashion Home TPG colours?

The TPG formulation will replace the PANTONE FASHION HOME + INTERIORS TPX (Textile Paper Extended Range) formulation, which was redesigned to match rising global standards for sustainable manufacturing processes. Both TPG products under the FASHION HOME + INTERIORS umbrella - the Color Guide and the Color Specifier Colour Guide - will be produced without lead chromates. The 2,100 colours included in these reference books are matched within extremely tight tolerances to the former TPX paper guides, upholding Pantone’s standards for colour accuracy and continuing to be essential tools for designers.

Pantone Paints

Do you sell paint?

No we do not, nor do Pantone produce or sell it. They only manufacture the colour charts.

Pantone Plastics

How many colours are in the Pantone Plastic ranges?

The Pantone Plastics range contain 1,740 transparent and opaque colour references. This includes a complete range of chromatics, browns and greys, pearlescents, fluorescents and metallics.

How are the Pantone Plastic colours written?

T255-1-1 is an example of a Pantone Plastic colour, plus the stipulation of whether it is required as Transparent or Opaque.