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The Pantone Nylon Brights Guide provides designers developing nylon products with an internationally recognised standard for accurate colour selection, specification and reproduction.

21 hot nylon shades are presented on 31x100mm loose format colour swatches in a convenient single ring format and includes a BHT-free amber UV pouch to protect the colours while not in use. Fourteen of these super bright colours contain flavine or rhodamine acid dyestuff, qualifying them as true fluorescents. These absorb invisible ultraviolet light and emit it as visible light to increasing the colours perceived brightness. Colours containing fluorescent dyes are less resistant to degrading by light and water, however, there are treatments available to increase colour fastness and durability.

  • 21 Removable nylon colour swatches.
  • Presented on a single ring guide.
  • Colours arranged by colour family.
  • Fabric swatches are referenced with the Pantone named and number.
  • Colour swatches are removable.
  • Includes a protective BHT-free amber pouch.
  • Large 31x100mm fabric colour swatches.
  • Loose, un-backed fabric can be compared to other materials and skin tones.
  • Communicate fluorescent colours to clients and manufacturers.
  • Understood and recognised around the world.
  • Includes a free copy of Pantone Colour Manager software on product registration.