Over the last few years, some Pantone colours from the Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors range have changed their descriptive name.

Whilst the colour's unique Pantone numbers has not changed, the name changes were made to better reflect the colours distinctive hue. Below you will find a list of all the Pantone colours affected by the name changes. The most recent changes are in bold and will be rolled out across the product range in the next few months.

Old Pantone Name Pantone Colour Number New Pantone Name
Tobasco 18-1536 Hot Sauce
Chinese Yellow 15-0948 Golden Spice
Formula One 19-1763 Racing Red
Lucite Green 14-5714 Beveled Glass
Canteloupe 15-1239 Cantaloupe
Champagne Beige 14-1012 Gilded Beige
Pink Champagne 12-1107 Peach Dust
Rose Water 12-2907 Pink Marshmallow
Sunkist Coral 17-1736 Sun Kissed Coral
Navajo 12-0710 Shortbread
Lime Popsicle 13-0443​ Love Bird
Pink Mist 13-2805 Roseate Spoonbill
Orange Pospsicle 17-1350 Oriole
Tandori Spice 18-1444 Tandoori Spice
Monaco Blue 19-3964 Blue Quartz
Olympian Blue 19-4056 Blue Iolite