The Pantone Plus Series is the latest version of the world renowned Pantone Matching System. This series of Pantone Books and Guides offer you an expansive colour range and innovative tools that let you bring your creative ideas to life.

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Pantone is known as the standard language for colour across a wide variety of industries and continues to develop inspirational tools and technologies for accurate colour communication.

The Pantone Plus Series for multimedia graphics is today's version of the original Pantone Matching System. It is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and communicating ink colours. The system is available in colour guide or colour chips formats and features 1,867 solid colours, all with their unique Pantone reference number. Guides are available on coated and uncoated stocks and contain corresponding ink mixing formula's for each colour, whilst the chips format provides perforated tear-out colour samples that can be used for quality control. Pantone Solid Colours consist of 1,867 colours with 3 or 4 digit colour references (eg. 032). Pantone Solid Colour References ending in "C" or "U" denotes that the colour is reproduced on either Coated or Uncoated paper.

The Pantone CMYK Guide provides a comprehensive palette of 2,868 digitally created colours that are achievable in four-colour process printing, and the Pantone Colour Bridge lets you compare solid Pantone colours to their closest possible CMYK match. The guide also gives the best HTML and RGB values for reproducing colours digitally. The Pantone CMYK colours number is a hyphenated process references (eg. P 132-2).

The Pantone Extended Gamut Guide offers seven-colour process printing simulations of the Pantone Plus Series Colours. Seven-colour process can help to achieve a 60% better Pantone colour match than conventional four-colour CMYK printing.

Pantone Metallics have 301 colours with 3 or 4 digit colour references (eg. 8340).

Pantone Pastel and Neons& is a range of 154 pastel and 56 neon colours with 3 or 4 digit colour references (eg. 9022 or 804).

Pantone Skin Tones is officially part of the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors range and consists of 110 skin colour tones with unique references (eg. 2R08 SP).